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Lets Start Over.

Lets Start Over.

{Hair} [Atro Patena] – Elliott Ash {*NEW!}
{Hairbase} -Entente- Yves Hairbase – B&W – Midnight Black
{Hands} [CheerNo] Hands_M#3 [Mesh]
{Teeth} [CheerNo] Teeth . MOD 03

{Hat} .Shi : Quilt Cap {Unisex} {*NEW!} @ The Mens Dept!
{Necklace} 2LAG: JESUS CHAIN / gold /
{Vest} ..Sabotage..: Sweater Vest:Pinstripe XXXL {*NEW!}
{Sleeves} .Shi : Sleeve [Homme] {*NEW!} GROUP GIFT!
{Pants} Spirit Store – Sobi rigged mesh pants {*NEW!}
{Shoes} *CASHMERE&KEANE*Klay Loafers[MALE](red) {*NEW!}

Pose From: Unorthodox

Bro’s before.. Well, you know. {NEW ITEMS@TMD}

Bro's before.. Well, you know. {NEW ITEMS@TMD}

Its a new round for The Mens Dept! & with December creeping in, I’m sure you’ll find something there to keep you warm :)

This pose is by {.:exposeur:.} - Bromies {*New! @ MENS DEPT}

In Order Of Appearance:

{Rtruth23 Style}

{Hairbase} R E M O R S E – Shadow Fade “W/O Facial” Black
{Facial} Unorthodox Full beard (Facia Hair)
{Earrings} Bandit-Princess Diamond Earrings
{Watch} *chronokit* watch no.38 QUASAR black [ copy ]
{Sweater} bleak .Nordic Slate-M {*New! @ MENS DEPT}
{Pants} *chronokit* Military Sarrouel Pants White
{Shoes} [Z3] Ranger Boots “Cookie”

{Levi Style}

{Hair} *Dura-Boy*35(Black)resize
{Glasses} – Sunglasses AVIATORS / V1.1 – REDGRAVE {*New!}
{Sweater} bleak .Nordic Ice-S {*New! @ MENS DEPT}
{Pants} 22769 ~ [homme] grandfathers pants black XS {*New! @ MENS DEPT}
{Shoes} *FIR & MNA* The Citizen Boots Oyster Mens

{Blake Style}

{Hair} – [Shag] – Handsome Devil
{Facial} – Entente – Beard Un
{Glasses} – Entente – Sebastien Glasses
{T-shirt} – Entente – Mettre Tee
{Mesh sleeve tat} – :Freaks&Geekz: – vintage HD tattoo Sleeve
{Watch} – Epia - Invicta Watch {*New! @ MENS DEPT}
{Pants} – ::K:: – Super Skinny Plain [GROUP GIFT]
{Shoes} - [Gos] Desert Boots – Black Leather

{Joey Style}

{Hair} [Atro Patena] Neil_Brown
{Tanktop} [jB] Cobain Tank
{Pants} etam – Men’s Track Pants – Rolled up {*New! @ MENS DEPT}
{Watch} [jB] White G-Shock
{Glasses} J U D A S Vintage Versace
{Facial} Unorthodox Vandyke Goatee
{Ears} Aitui Mesh Stetched Ears – Classics

{Cav Style}

{Glasses} – Reek - Augie Glasses
{Sweater} – bleak .Nordic Brownie {*New! @ MENS DEPT}
{Pants} – *kal rau* Skinny Pants
{Shoes} – [ h ] Ray Ray Boots
{Watch} – *chronokit* watch no.38 QUASAR
{Bag} – [ JP ]:dsg. DIVIDER BAG




{Hair} [Atro Patena] – Nathan_Strawberry {*NEW!!}
{Facial} -Entente- Facial Hair A – Beard Cinq – Black – Bald
{Hoodie} !gO! Men’s Hoodie (top hood) {*NEW!!} @ TMD!
{Shorts} FATEwear Shorts – Grylls – Tundra (S) {*NEW!!}
{Shoes} SNEAKER LAB – FlyMan_II_WR 59L$!
{Ring} [HANDverk]Rio Grande Ring.turquoise/coral.right.scripted {*NEW!!} @ TMD!

Skybox & Furniture {*NEW!!} @ The Mens Dept!

Poses By {Pose Maniacs}

Sunday Shopping..

Sunday Shopping..

Sunday Shopping..

On Levi

{Tats} ..:F&Gz:.. M.O.E Tattoo [faded]
{Hairbase} -Entente- Yves Hairbase – Brown – Dark Brown
{Hair} [Atro Patena] – Neil_Brown {*NEW!!}
{Shades} J U D A S ::: The Revolution “Vintage Versace” Shades
{Facial} -Entente- Facial Hair A – Beard Cinq – Black – Bald
{Piercings} .Pekka. Reckless Piercing – M – Mouth
{Earrings} J U D A S ::: THE REVOLUTION ” Versace Medusa Head” Earring {*NEW!!}
{Jacket} J U D A S ::: The Revolution “Flight Fur Collar” Jacket {*NEW!!}
{Jumper} .:villena:. – male jumper black {*NEW!!}
{Pants} [Pumpkin]Tight pants(size XS)
{Shoes} SNEAKER LAB – FlyMan_II_BL {*NEW!!}

On Simone Aka Valora

{Hair} – Over – Black (E)
{Cardigan} – BB* Light Cardigan (Beetle Bones)
{Top} – Paneled Minidress [Top only] (Epoque)
{Collar} – Neo Classicist Collar – White // Gold Studs (Epoque)
{Pants} – erratic / zoey – leather pants (Erratic)
{Watch} – Daytona Cosmograph GOLD (Dutch aka The Mesh Shop)
{Shoes} – Savona (Sim-I-Lar Footwear)
{Bag} – Nude Ostrich Leather Bag (Zenith)



Hey guys, just wanted to do a small blog on some of the best new mesh suits available right now. Also, check out this new store (Epia) it has this great mesh suit and every piece changes color. Also, he has some awesome formal shoes that I am wearing here. Check it out >here<


{Hair} [Atro Patena] – Yancy_Strawberry {*NEW!!} @ TMD
{Facial} -Entente- Facial Hair A – Beard Cinq – Brown – Bald
{Tattoos} ..:Freaks&Geeks:.. Play Right tattoos [faded] {*NEW!!} @ TMD
{Earrings} J U D A S ::: The Revolution (Chanel) Earrings
{Chain} J U D A S ::: The Revolution DIOR Necklace {*NEW!!}
{Ring} [whatever] XXL Spikering – color/gloss
{Boots} J’s Short Mesh Laceup Boots {*NEW!!}
{Shoes} (epia) – Formal Shoe ALL COLOURS {*NEW!!}


{Suit 1} Kauna – 2pc suit: Black {*NEW!!} @ FAMESHED
{Suit 2} EPIC – Gray Pin Striped Suit {*NEW!!} @ VINTAGE FAIR
{Suit 3} {Epia} Loose Business Suit – Change All Colors {*NEW!!}





{Hat} {EPIC} Fedora – Black {*NEW!!} @ VINTAGE FAIR
{Eyes} .ID. Warrior / Mesh Eyes / {*NEW!!} @ THE MENS DEPT
{Earrings} J U D A S ::: The Revolution (Chanel) Earrings {*NEW!!}
{Hair} [Atro Patena] – Yancy_Beach {*NEW!!} @ THE MENS DEPT
{Facial} -Entente- Facial Hair A – Beard Cinq – Brown – Bald
{Tats} ..:Freaks&Geeks:.. Play Right tattoos [faded] {*NEW!!} @ THE MENS DEPT
{Glasses} [CheerNo] Glasses . MARLEY*Crocodile Lens B {*NEW!!} @ VINTAGE FAIR
{Bag} [Sleepy Eddy] Denim tote bag 04
{Jacket} {HVK} Research Bears Varsity Jacket {*NEW!!} @ THE MENS DEPT
{Shorts} (CM) Trepid Jean Shorts MESH {*NEW!!} @ THE MENS DEPT
{Shoes} [CheerNo] Flip Flop . HERY Black / White Strips

Poses by HISPoses {*NEW!!} @ VINTAGE FAIR