I must be travelling on now.

I must be travelling on now.

{Tattoos} CREDO x (NECK): Loyalty & CREDO x (CHEST): Only_God_Can_Judge_Me {*NEW!!}
{Right Hand} .Shi :  x Fingerless Glove [Male] (V1.Right) {*NEW!!} @The Arcade!
{Left Hand} [CheerNo] x Hands_V3_#4

{Hat} Fruk x Apex Hat – Shabby RARE {*NEW!!} @The Arcade!
{Glasses} .S h i : x Geometria Glasses [Woods]
{Necklace} (SATRDYS) x Vintage Chanel Chain – Gold {*NEW!!}
{Backpack} :pesca: x canvas and leather backpack/plane3 {*NEW!!} @The Arcade!
{Bracelet} ASO! x National Flag Bracelet (copy version) gold {*NEW!!} @The Arcade!

{Jacket} [Pumpkin] x The Jacket(V1)
{Pants} S_UX_ComfortFit_black Deep x AAHAKEE {*NEW!!}
{Shoes} L A U x Rawws Gumdrop bottom White/Black {*NEW!!}


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