I Didn’t Kill Bill.

I Didn't Kill Bill.

{Hairbase} -Entente- Yves Hairbase – B&W – Licorice Black
{Ears} [MANDALA] STEKING_ears_ver3
{Hair} ::Exile:: Revolver:Raven
{Hands} [CheerNo] Hands_M#3 [Mesh]

{Glasses} Pure Poison– SteamPunk Spiked Sunglasses {*NEW!}
{Mask} =Razorblade Jacket= Neoprene Mask /// Black Leather {*NEW!} @ TMD! {comes with jacket}
{Necklace} KOSH- PIVOT NECKLACE [A] chest -male- {*NEW!} @ TMD!
{Ring} KOSH- PIVOT RING [A] {*NEW!} @ TMD!

{Shirt} 22769 ~ [homme] double tee Anatomy {*NEW!} @ TMD!
{Pants} [Sheep Door] Half Pants Leggings Parts male {*NEW!} @ TMD!



{Hair} [taketomi]_Gyp_DippuDye09
{Ears} [MANDALA]STEKING_ears_ver3
{Glasses} Adjunct – New Browline Readers – Tortoise {*NEW!}
{Hands} [CheerNo] Hands_M#3 R [Mesh]

{Under} ::[ Mr.Poet ]:: Turtleneck_Sepia/mouth {Part of peacoat}
{Shirt} BlankLIne 007Jacket_M_S_Black {*NEW!}
{Pants} [Iruco] mesh / Loose pants (bk) S
{Boots} J U D A S ::: The Revolution “Chanel Militant Boots”

We lost sight of it, breath tied up in someone’s hold..

We lost sight of it, breath tied up in someone's hold..

[Outfit 1]

{Hat} {Mon Tissu} Deerstalker ~ Black
{Hair} Dura – Boy 34
{Shirt} 2Byte – Denim Shirt {Deep Blue}
{Sweater} 2Byte – Kein Sweater (Mustard) {*NEW!!}
{Hands} CHEERNO – Mesh Hands
{Watch} EPIA – Invicta Watch @TMD
{Pants} Pumpkin Sweat Pants {*NEW!!}

[Outfit 2]

{Hat} [ NERD.P ] Pompom Knit cap 2 (A) 02
{Hair} [CheerNo] Meshair Rich 3.1
{Jacket & Hoodie} -Entente- Gaston Jacket & Hoodie {*NEW!!}
{Hands} CHEERNO – Mesh Hands
{Pants} Pumpkin Sweat Pants {*NEW!!}
{Boots} [monso] My Combat Ankle Boots – Black @Collabor88

Bro’s before.. Well, you know. {NEW ITEMS@TMD}

Bro's before.. Well, you know. {NEW ITEMS@TMD}

Its a new round for The Mens Dept! & with December creeping in, I’m sure you’ll find something there to keep you warm :)

This pose is by {.:exposeur:.} – Bromies {*New! @ MENS DEPT}

In Order Of Appearance:

{Rtruth23 Style}

{Hairbase} R E M O R S E – Shadow Fade “W/O Facial” Black
{Facial} Unorthodox Full beard (Facia Hair)
{Earrings} Bandit-Princess Diamond Earrings
{Watch} *chronokit* watch no.38 QUASAR black [ copy ]
{Sweater} bleak .Nordic Slate-M {*New! @ MENS DEPT}
{Pants} *chronokit* Military Sarrouel Pants White
{Shoes} [Z3] Ranger Boots “Cookie”

{Levi Style}

{Hair} *Dura-Boy*35(Black)resize
{Glasses} – Sunglasses AVIATORS / V1.1 – REDGRAVE {*New!}
{Sweater} bleak .Nordic Ice-S {*New! @ MENS DEPT}
{Pants} 22769 ~ [homme] grandfathers pants black XS {*New! @ MENS DEPT}
{Shoes} *FIR & MNA* The Citizen Boots Oyster Mens

{Blake Style}

{Hair} – [Shag] – Handsome Devil
{Facial} – Entente – Beard Un
{Glasses} – Entente – Sebastien Glasses
{T-shirt} – Entente – Mettre Tee
{Mesh sleeve tat} – :Freaks&Geekz: – vintage HD tattoo Sleeve
{Watch} – Epia – Invicta Watch {*New! @ MENS DEPT}
{Pants} – ::K:: – Super Skinny Plain [GROUP GIFT]
{Shoes} – [Gos] Desert Boots – Black Leather

{Joey Style}

{Hair} [Atro Patena] Neil_Brown
{Tanktop} [jB] Cobain Tank
{Pants} etam – Men’s Track Pants – Rolled up {*New! @ MENS DEPT}
{Watch} [jB] White G-Shock
{Glasses} J U D A S Vintage Versace
{Facial} Unorthodox Vandyke Goatee
{Ears} Aitui Mesh Stetched Ears – Classics

{Cav Style}

{Glasses} – Reek – Augie Glasses
{Sweater} – bleak .Nordic Brownie {*New! @ MENS DEPT}
{Pants} – *kal rau* Skinny Pants
{Shoes} – [ h ] Ray Ray Boots
{Watch} – *chronokit* watch no.38 QUASAR
{Bag} – [ JP ]:dsg. DIVIDER BAG

CREDO – New Shapes!

CREDO - Bali Shapew/Tattoos!

**Professional Avatars**

Bali is a street kid, he has charisma and charm. His love is the gym and playing sports, he has the good looks & style to be a model. Swag him out, he suits almost any skin.

Shape is made to realistic features, it is no modify but comes with 6 different size options to ensure you have the perfect fit.

!Comes with its own distinct Tattoo!

Including a style card with full details of what is worn in the picture.

Any slight changes you can request in-world contact Levi Megadon.


CREDO - Juarez HD Shape (Realistic) w/Mesh Tattoos!

**Professional Avatars**

Juarez is a smooth looking tough guy with a mean edge, he can be the ladies man or the boss of the cartel mafia. Style him up & make him your own.

Shape is made to realistic features, it is no modify but comes with 6 different size options to ensure you have the perfect fit.

!Comes with its own distinct *NEW* Mesh Tattoos One Sleeve option!


x Vintage Forever x

x Vintage Forever x

Just came back from the new arcade event featuring some cool gatcha items, here I will feature some of what I picked up from there. To check out this cool event click here >> \O/ <<

{Hat} -LaViere- Cashmere Flat Cap Camel/Black UnRigged {*NEW!!} @ FAMESHED!
{Hair} [CheerNo] Meshair Lex – Blond 9.4 {*NEW!!}
{Facial} NANUK birken beard black
{Eyes} .ID. Orange-Yellow Flare / Mesh Eyes / The Arcade {*NEW!!} GATCHA ITEM @ THE ARCADE!
{Vest} :SEY: – Gilet(stripes)[REG.] {*NEW!!}
{Shirt} NANUK leif loose longsleeve black 4
{Pants} Mikunch Slacks(MenM)blown/HomeSPun {*NEW!!}
{Shoes} [Sleepy Eddy] – Espadrille (Border Navy) {*NEW!!} GATCHA ITEM @ THE ARCADE!
{Bracelet} ASO! AlphabetBrace(PEACE)Gold {*NEW!!} GATCHA ITEM @ THE ARCADE!
{Ring} Shakeup! Vintage Ring [11] {*NEW!!} GATCHA ITEM @ THE ARCADE!
{Camera} Tee*fy Vintage Brownie Camera Neck Biege {*NEW!!} GATCHA ITEM @ THE ARCADE!